The Lumpini

A new landmark of Sukhumvit district, the heart of business district in Bangkok. With the height over 200 meters above sea level made this 46-storey condominium becomes a magnificent architectural project being build today.
In terms of commercial conditions, the maximum net floor area are most seriously concerned. The development has been separated into two buildings to maximize plot ratio. Each building uses to different function (residential tower and parking building) connected by the cover walk way which has created by landscape sculptures around to maximize the salable area.
In term of design; The view obstruction from surrounding high-rise buildings are most critical term of condition to be solve. The original design had a lot of negative conditions. The idea of bending façade in order to avoid these conditions being applied and developed.
However, in term of the energy conservation, we created the voids along the building to flow the external breeze into the interior space and reduce energy uses for air conditioning. The façade material has been selected accurately to increase the solar radiation which radiated into the building.

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