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■ PODCAST: Buying a condo in Bangkok for investment purposes is most likely going to be a losing proposition. There are many reasons why investing in an


Buying a condo in Bangkok for investment purposes is most likely going to be a losing proposition. There are many reasons why investing in an apartment in Thailand is different from doing so in Europe or USA.

In this video about the real estate market in Bangkok I run through the reasons why I advice people to not buy but to rent in the land of smiles. Some of the topics include price appreciation, inflation and Thailand’s history of financial crisis.

I also run a podcast where I cover similar topics ranging from finance and economics to politics and travel.


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  1. Thank you for this video.
    You confirmed exactly what I had assertained myself after studying the property market in Bangkok.

    Some more points:
    When you die you cannot pass on the property to a relative. you lose the property as far as I know.
    On average the service charge doubles every 5 years due to inflation.

  2. It is or has been said that it will flood one day. Well that I do not worry about I am old. I will not buy one either, no money for that.

  3. Great video. Very informative unlike the other foolish channels. I am swedish. Sweden is one of the most expensive countries in the world but the wages are extremely high too. I was planning to buy a condo for future in one of those south east countries(good climate). When I saw the prices of condos in Bangkok, pattaya etc I changed my mind. You can buy a large, top quality house with a large garden in Sweden for a price of a simple condo in Thailand. About the Indian investor, if he had bought shares in apple, google or Volvo for that matter for eight years ago, his money would have increased by 500-1000%. Thanks for the video. Sorry for any mistakes in my English grammar.

  4. Don’t buy as an investment, buy because you want to live there seasonal or full time. Real estate is very up and down in Thailand. A house is a better investment outside of the city, in a condo you never know what kind of people live above, under and beside you. If you want a quiet life, buy a house in a villa where mostly foreigners live.

  5. If there comes a day when there is real serious down turn in the economy, and I believe that sooner or later there will be, things will be tough everywhere. But I think these mega cities are going to turn into a real hell on earth. Like a Hollywood movie.

  6. The Bangkok property market has been excellent in the past few years. Also the story with your Indian friend is not really evidence of a bad market, it should remind everyone that flipping properties is just speculation and not investment. Whoever thinks that real estate is a short-term investment they are misled.

  7. I think bkk is so corrupted and filled with what the world see it as, “prostitution”….you must be wackos to buy anything there. however, isan region are naturally beautiful and filled with Thai pple with lao bloodline. overall, isan area is the best place to settle for Tranquillity

  8. Ho boy you were wrong! Current real estate prices in Bangkok become very close to the real estate prices in Miami FL, which where I an from. Even rent prices/sqm are almost the same as here. This is crazy, real estate prices in Bangkok almost doubled in the past 5 years.

  9. I think metro manila is way better when it comes to real estate or condo living. Developers make it sure that it was built on a high standard. Pricey but it was a great investment. And theres a hype of condo living now in metro manila constructions are everywhere. Im sorry to hear that bangkok is somewhat like this never expect that. I thought bkk is so luxurious everywhere.

  10. Great video!
    … wish I would have seen it in 2006 when I bought a condo in Huay Khwang area of BKK! At one point, I was thinking I would retire and live in BKK…. but then thought maybe Pattaya? who knows now!

  11. Thailand is dengerouse for foreigneer to invest money you will loss all your money you have to give Thai 51% of your inestment
    and thier is no protection for foreigner and if make your property under your wife or girl friend she will take all of your money gerajully and with her Thai boyfriend true you in the cliff Visa is difficult and you have no right in Thailand corporet corruption
    is a lot and you have to deal with this corp. Mafia like Knight Frank juristic you kiss good by to your money you can not take it back lost lost with love Thais are also like you if you have money for them other wise they do not give shit about Foreigner no protction even police or tourist police they to protect the Thai ,s from foreigner ( Flank is ding Dong ) it mins you are stupid
    this video is not true do not believe it

  12. Best buying where you understand the language and know the laws, like your own country.
    Buy to let is a business, business visa and income tax for you to think about unless you like a Thai prison.

  13. Well real estate was cheap in Houston too because of little regulation. This resulted in people living in flood plains and adjacent to chemical plants. If you buy in such a place you run the risk of big problems in the future. There’s usually a price to pay for taking shortcuts…

  14. What about just buying and living there rent free for 20 years then selling it for what you paid for. That’s s fine deal

  15. There are some good points that you made but not all of them are true, as an investor myself (I have made profit investing in apartments/condos in few other Asian countries and the U.S.), I have bought 5 new condo (smaller units) in the last 2 years along main Sukumvit line near BTS station close to CBD. Not only I get good monthly rent (rental yield about 5-6%) and most of them appreciated in value (5-9%/year). I do agree about over supplies of new condos and not buying in Pattaya, however, if you do your research diligently and pick the right condo at the right price within 700m from BTS station, they can be very good investment. Not only the population of Bangkok increasing every year (from registered 8Mil (10M)), more and more foreign investments are coming in along with increasing expat population (Japanese expat population alone is 100k) May I know which location and project you and your Indian neighbor bought 8 years ago? (condos older than 10 years do tend to have larger units and tend to depreciate in value) For both rental and capital gain investment in Bangkok, you have to not only pick the right location (within short walking distance BTS station > MRT), but also a renowned major developer AND its management company. In my humble opinion, in Bangkok now, the new project prices are over priced but if you buy the right one, you can still make money. (don’t expect to make double/triple as that won’t happen but 30-80% appreciation in the next 5 years) I project Bangkok real estate market still has about 4-5 years of growth potential.

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